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flipeduup.eu April 21, 2023

Submodule 1: Needs analysis

This course is about needs analysis in blended learning and it is a process that helps determine the learning needs of individuals or groups of learners and can be of great help when planning the training activities, materials, timelines and places adapted to the target group.

In detail you will learn:

  1. Why do we want to develop a training program?
  2. Who are our learners?
  3. What do we want the learners to accomplish?
  4. What are my learners’ knowledge gaps?
  5. How will the training help to improve learners’ skills?
  6. How much time and money can we invest?
  7. What kind of training will help?


Submodule 2: Course Design

The implementation of learning requires the maintenance of a specific order, and the individual phases of the training must be followed. After a deep analysis of the learners’ needs and availability, the best method we can use in our “Flip Edu Up” project is the Blended learning approach. That is the reason, we will guide you on how to design a “Blended learning course” for adult learners.

In detail you will learn:

  • How to design a good course?
  • Flip Edu Up methodology?
  • Why blended Learning?


Submodule 3: Implementation

Successful implementation of a blended learning programme requires coordinated and coherent planning. This includes thinking about and planning financial and technical resources, human resources, course scheduling, tutor and student support. Collaboration with teachers and ongoing evaluation is essential for the successful implementation of the blended learning programme.

In detail you will learn:

  • How to prepare tasks before the training?
  • How to implement the course?
  • How to close a course?


Submodule 4: Evaluation

Evaluation is designed to assess the programme, improve its effectiveness and inform about programme decisions.

In detail you will learn:

  • What should be considered when performing an evaluation?
  • What are the benefits of blended learning?
  • How to prepare a good dissemination plan?


The above-mentioned topics include one or more instructional videos and other learning opportunities such as assignments for group discussions or links to tools to explore. The course is rounded off with a final quiz where you can check your learning. We recommend that you complete the course in the order given.