1st project meeting (online)

The project kick-off meeting took place on 18-19 January 2021, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it took place online.  The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator Heureka Net and was attended by representatives from all project partner institutions.
While meeting was online, the agenda was packed with all sorts of activties and key points to discuss. Project partners gathered for this 2 full days online meeting to:
  • Get to know each other and organisations better
  • Share their vision about the project and upcoming activities
  • Discuss the upcoming project activities, deadlines and divide the tasks
  • Select the project’s logo and talk about project dissemination plan
  • Discuss the pandemic situation in each country, how it can affect the implementation of the project, what could be done to minimise the effect, etc.
While project partners were dissapointed not to be able to meet each other online, they were excited to finally start working together.

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