FLIP EDU UP project

Do you know that only 39% of educators in the EU feel well prepared for using digital technologies in their daily work?  Would you like to improve your digital skills and learn how to introduce blended learning method in your classroom? If yes, we have a project just for you!


Adult learning is a key part of the lifelong learning spectrum which includes formal, non-formal and informal learning activities undertaken by adults. Placing our efforts into lifelong learning is undoubtedly a necessary investment. Continuous investment in the upgrading of human resources in a methodical and innovative manner plays an integral part in the increase of national, European and Global productivity as well as healthy competitiveness in the market.

However, the results from the European Union (EU) labour force survey show that in 2018 the participation of adults in lifelong learning in the EU stood at 11.1 %, with a mere 0.2 percentage from 2017 thus indicating that there is still much to be done and improved.

Project partners

The project involves 5 partners from different European countries: Heureka Net (Germany), DOREA Educational Institute (Cyprus), Mine Vaganti (Italy), INBIE (Poland) and CIK Trebjne (Slovenia).  Having a partnership with partners coming from European countries with various Index of readiness for digital lifelong learning and expertise will not only allow us to create outcomes
that is designed and can be adapted to different situations and adult learners, but also will help us to create a diverse community of innovators.

Main aims

“Flip Edu Up (FEU)” aims to modernise the adult education and vocational training system through Blended Learning via the main objectives listed below :
• Improve the teaching skills of adult educators/trainers
• Improve the digital skills of educators/trainers and adult learners
• Improve the capacity of adult educators to deliver high-quality courses using blended learning
• Support modernisation of educational training systems
• Help prepare education providers’ readiness, resiliency and efficiency when handling force majeure situations by equipping them with tools and mindset necessary to continue the learning process and progress
• Smoothen the transition from traditional classroom learning environments to online learning environments for situations where a hybrid/blended learning environment is not an option

The project will offer educators/trainers the opportunity to learn how to tailor the Blended Learning method’s models to suit the needs of their learners and as such be able to implement their own combination of models to reach their unique educational goals. The end goal is to assist educators in becoming expert designers of innovative learning environments.


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