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Introduction to Blended Learning : Syllabus

flipeduup.eu August 16, 2022



This course is about blended learning and you will have the opportunity to learn about blended learning in a comprehensive and in-depth way. 


In detail, you will learn

  1. about teaching modalities such as group discussion, independent work, small group collaboration and one-on-one check-ins; 
  2. about models of blended learning such as station rotation, flex, a la carte and enriched virtual;
  3. how to get started with blended learning by introducing the learning arc;
  4. how to blend group discussions;
  5. how to blend independent work;
  6. how to blend small group collaboration;
  7. how to blend one-on-one check-ins;
  8. how to blend assessment and reflection; and
  9. about the SAMR model to explore blending by discussing what is possible from a technical point of view and what makes sense from an andragogical point of view.


According to these learning objectives, the course is divided into nine lessons. Each lesson includes one or more instructional videos and other learning opportunities such as assignments for group discussions or links to tools to explore. The course is rounded off with a final quiz where you can check your learning. We recommend that you complete the course in the order given.