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LESSON 8 “How to blend assessment and reflection”

flipeduup.eu August 16, 2022

Teaching and learning usually involve some form of assessment of what has been learned and, finally, reflection on the learning process. Assessment can be formative or summative, formal or informal. And the artefacts of learning that are assessed can be diverse, for example, written texts, products, presentations, videos or tests.

Blended learning – in our case replacing or enriching face-to-face teaching with online methods and tools – offers a wide range of ideas and tools for assessment and reflection. One advantage of online assessment and reflection tools is that they can be easily adapted and reused, and some of the tools offer instant automatic results, feedback and sometimes even grading.

In the following sub-module “PRACTICE INTRODUCTION” you will find an in-depth introduction to Kahoot.

Additional links to tools mentioned in the video:

Polls, quizzes, …

Responses, reflections … via video

Submitting documents


Assignment LESSON 8 “How to blend assessment and reflection” 

Assignment: Do you know other good methods and tools for blending assessment and reflection? Share them in  Module 2. Blended learning group. And see what others recommend.

Transcript: LESSON 8 _How to blend assessment and reflection