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LESSON 9 “SAMR model”

flipeduup.eu August 16, 2022

In the previous sections, you have learned about different approaches to blending your teaching. Now the question arises of which of these ideas you should implement in concrete terms. In order to deal with this question, let us first remember that in our context we understand blending as a process in which you start from your existing face-to-face teaching activities and supplement them with online offerings. So we could also say that we are digitising teaching. If we want to make concrete decisions, a model that deals with the digitalisation of teaching may be helpful. Therefore, in the following, we present the SAMR model developed by Ruben Puentedura for the digitalisation of teaching and give an example of how this can be helpful in the implementation of blended learning.

Assignment LESSON 9 “SAMR model”

Assignment: Now it’s time for practice. What will you change first in your teaching? Will you substitute, augment, modify or redefine? And what will you do concretely? Put your ideas up for discussion in the Module 2. Blended learning group. And help your peers by responding to their ideas. And get more ideas from them as well.

Transcript: LESSON 9 “SAMR model”