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LESSON 6 “How to blend small group collaboration”

flipeduup.eu August 16, 2022

The blending of small group collaboration brings back two themes that we already looked at before. On the one hand small group collaboration has characteristics of independent work and on the other hand it is a form of group work



In the following sub-module “PRACTICE INTRODUCTION” you will find an in-depth introduction to Trello.


Additional links to tools mentioned in the video:

Shared documents: Google Docs; Microsoft Office 365

Online whiteboard: Mindboard

Brainstroming: MindMeister

Chat: Slack

Task management: Trello

Time planning: TeamGantt

Coding: GitHub

UX design: InVision 


Assignment LESSON 6 “How to blend small group collaboration” 

Assignment: Do you know other good methods and tools for blending small group collaboration? Share them in Module 2. Blended learning group. And see what others recommend.


Transcript: LESSON 6 “How to blend small group collaboration”