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LESSON 5 “How to blend independent work”

flipeduup.eu August 16, 2022

For independent work, you usually hand out learning materials and assignments on paper. To start with blended learning, these can easily be replaced online so that your learners can download the material or even work on the assignment online.



In the following sub-module “PRACTICE INTRODUCTION” you will find an in-depth introduction to Moodle, Blackboard, Google Drive, and WordPress.

Additional links to tools mentioned in the video:

Learning Management System (LMS)

QR-Code generator

Online storage

Website builder

For teachers


Assignment LESSON 5 “How to blend independent work”

Assignment: Do you know other good methods and tools for blending independent work? Share them in Module 2. Blended learning group. And see what others recommend.


Transcript: LESSON 5 “How to blend independent work”